Great Instructional Design Resource by Dr. Lectora

I recently attended an outstanding session at the 2011 Lectora User Conference by Benjamin Pitman, Ph. D. (aka Dr. Lectora). Not only did a learn a lot of great things from his live presentation, but I also purchased his newest book at that time.

The book, Designing Effective eLearning: A Step by Step Guide, by Benjamin Pitman, Ph.D. is a must-read for all eLearning Instructional Designers!

This book provides readers with a good instructional design foundation and then takes them a step further by providing real world examples and tools to use. It is filled with questions to elicit critical thinking as well as specific things you can change to become a better Instructional Designer.

I appreciate that it goes beyond speaking in general terms (like many other books do). Rather, it includes strategies and stories based upon Pitman’s years of experience developing eLearning. Page 86 was worth my time and price of the book alone. This page outlines 23 Questions to Discover Content Crucial to Your Course!

The best part about this book is it will not be one that I only read once and forget about. Instead, I will be using it as a reference tool to access the checklists, tips, critical thinking questions and best practices on a regular basis when designing my eLearning courses.