Lectora and Moodle

I have recently started to use Lectora and am finding it a superb package. So much so that I am going through the existing modules I have created and converting them over to this package.

My problem is that my existing modules pass scores to the moodle system and I then use the Moodle certificate module to issue a cert if the required grade is achieved.

I am having difficulty getting the scores accross from Lectora.

I have the title set as an AICC/Scorm/CourseMill published title and I pass a score to the AICC_Score variable before changing AIC_Lesson_Status to completed but the score isnt showing in moodle as it does from my other modules and therefore the certificate module will not allow a user to print their certificate. I am using the scorm 1.2 setting as I dont think Moodle fully implements scorm 2004 as I keep getting errors when I use that version.

I know I can generate a certificate in Lectora but Moodle doesnt fully implement scorm 2004 and I dont think that it retains all the information required to revisit and reprint the cert. Also, as people are only just starting to use elearning in the service I wanted if possible to keep the way they get their certs the same - at least for now... too much change so soon after implementaion might not be a good thing.

Any thoughts/guidance would be appreciated ...