Looking for a Moodle/Lectora Mentor

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I am new to both Lectora and Moodle.

I have inherited a project that is basically a huge Flash interaction sitting on a Lectora page, served up via Moodle. When the learner finishes the interaction, they are triggered to go on to a test that is in Lectora. Learners have 2 chances to pass this test at 80%. The test would be set up with questions being randomized for a unique test each time. The entire thing will be distributed via Moodle, with the intent that Moodle would be able to report individual and aggregate learner stats (overall % correct 1st time, overall % correct 2nd time, specific missed items, time spent per item, etc.).

The Flash component is already in development (via another work group). My role is to create the Lectora tests, integrate the Flash component into the Lectora title up front, and make sure it all will work being distributed via our Moodle server -- all while making sure the appropriate evaluation data is captured in Moodle for reporting purposes.

I understand that Lectora can pass SCORM-based results into Moodle and that Moodle can house SCORM-based modules...I just have no idea where to start! Can anyone help me wrap my head around this one?

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