Add items/SCO to an existing course, etc.

Hi all,

I have a really big big problem and almost no time before i show the course to the boss : Let' see if somebody can give me a hand with this :)

I have a long course, with 20 "Chapters" more or less.

At the beginning, i made the course with multiple AU's and I had tracking for ech one. That was perfect, because it was one of the things I needed... but then i was forced to put "back/next" buttons to the course. Lectora was giving error when publishing because the known limitation of "no navigation between AU's" :(

Then, I've been working on re-organizating the course. I've put all the content inside of only one AU's and, inside of it, chapters and sections... but now i have the problem that there is no tracking for each chapter, only for the AU. Too much general and not valid for my boss...

So, the point it's that i need to be able to navigate between the content with buttons inside the course, and also i have to get tracking for each chapter... I don't know if it's something like "item"/sco or what...

Thank you all in advance, I'm really desperate and i dont know what to do with this problem.