Improve Alignment

dpell Community Member Posts: 84
We often have to sync audio to individual bullets and I find it really hard to distribute a list of separate text boxes / bullets. The text box sometimes does not fit the dimensions properly and this makes distributing a group of text boxes not behave properly.

I suggest a couple of improvements:

- Have a fit text button (similar to the plus button, but this will make the text fit if its too big or expand if its too small)

- Have a bullet distribution wizard. A popup that you enter your list of text, set a value of the margin between each bullet and click submit and on the page will pop out your bullet list, all distributed properly. Or alternately, user can right click on a text box and select "Break into individual bullets," again prompting to provide the number of pixels as a margin between each bullet. Great for syncing individual bullets

- Have a distribute by pixel button. Select a group of objects, click distribute by pixel (vertical or horizontal buttons) and a pop will appear prompting for a number of pixels (lets say 10px) and each object will be distribute according to that number of pixels.