Completion Percentage in SumTotal Not Recording Correctly

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue. I have a course in Lecotra that has a final test at the end. There are no other quizzes throughout the course. All of my parameters , the modify variable action is set, the include test score with an 80% minimum is checked, the Assingnable unit is set with the unit type being set at Section, and the Mastery score at 80%.

The couurse and the test work fine and all of the "things" that are supposed to happen, do, but when I look at my socre in the SumTotal LMS, on my Activty Completion Page, the score is 100% but the Total Score is only 10% and I have a Failed status on my transcript. Other people have takein it an get an 80 or 90 and have N/A in the Total Score field.

Please help, I am on a deadline, and I can not seem to figure this out.

Thank you