Minimum requirements

This is bit verbose but let me add some history before I hit anyone for some answers.

Some time ago I published threee courses to our LMS that is run with SAP. Two of the courses had material tha would be emailed back to the course coordinator and all three had surveys on pages that the student was required to print. We experienced several complaints from students about accessing the courses, printing, or emailing the material.

The courses worked fine on my PC, and on the development server I use to test them.

Through some careful observation and pointed questioning of students I have come to the conclusion that the problem somehow involves JAVA scriptiing. Students who have the latest JAVA updates available on their PC don't seem to experience any problems. I republished the courses without the JAVA script option in publishing and managed to get many -not all- of the problems to disappear.

My QUESTION is this. Are there any minimum requirements surrounding JAVA necessary to run a lectora published title? I know JAVA does not do email... that's what prompted me to lift the option and republish.

I am getting ready to publish a very large title, (no emailling or printing involved) and I don't want the same problems as previous. I've published numerous titles in the past, never had this sort of thing happen before, however I've never placed them on a large LMS that is accessed by so many people either. If there are some minimum requirements I can at least alert our help desk so they can better guide students who do experience difficulty.