creating user input page

matthew-riney Community Member Posts: 3
First I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped so far on what will likely be the biggest project my team does this year.

As I approach completion of simulating the first of 4 pieces of software used by our agents I would like to create a page that will allow me to build accounts with particular attributes so that one software simulation can be used for multiple training classes.

I had 2 ideas on how to do this.

1. Make a page with input boxes for every variable in the course. The input boxes would show the current variable value for all variables. Some fields would also have actions set up that would calculate thier value based on the values in other fields.

The course developer would input each of the required values for the account and then click a button that would export the values to an xml file.

They would then send me the xml file, I upload it into Lectora, and then they have a customized training environment for that particular course.

2. The other option would be to export the current course to xml and then build a form in excel or ppt that the course developer would fill out. This form would be linked to the xml doc, and they would send it to me for upload and .....same as above.

I'm not really sure how to do either so I would love for someone to weigh in on their thoughts. Does one idea sound better than the other? Is there another way to do this that is better?