Flash embedded in Lectora not playing mp3 audio clips

garlene Community Member Posts: 1
I have placed a swf file on a Lectora page and it works as it should except that it does not play mp3 audio clips that are triggered by the click of a button in the swf file. It is tracking the button clicks and displaying a "return" button when all buttons are clicked as it should... just no audio. There are other mp3 files in the course that are not within the flash files and they play just fine. The course is published SCORM/Web-based - if that matters.

I placed the mp3 files within the Images folder, which is where the swf files are located. The audio clips play when I use the Preview in Browser feature in Lectora, but when I publish to our LMS (Solo) they don't play.

I also tried publishing the course to html and the same problem exists, so it does not appear to be the LMS.

This the first time I've used Flash in a course, so I might be missing something simple.

Thank you in advance for your help!