Sending the correct SCORM 2004 information to the LMS

sconnell Community Member Posts: 130
I just completed my first Lectora X course, published to the LMS (Inquisiq), and I have noticed that I am obviously not sending the correct SCORM 2004 data back to the LMS after completing a quiz and completing the lessons. The LMS shows that the lesson is still 'in progress' and there is no score shown.

I've made a few changes but not I see an error message upon completing a lesson. The error is, "LMSSetValue Error: Data Model Element Type Mismatch"

Can someone tell me how this is done OR point me to a URL that explains this?

Also... I am a bit confused about the AICC variables. Documents that I have read seem to indicate that these variables are valid on a SCORM (only) compliant LMS... (e.g. 'AICC_Lesson_Status' ). Please enlighten me.