Audio Auto Play

We've been posting audio to courses for years, though until recently, we were on Windows 2000 using Internet Explorer 6.0. Now that we're on Vista using IE 7, we're experiencing an unusual issue. All of our audio is set up with some sort of trigger -- i.e. press a button -- but instead, when a user lands on a page, all of the WAV files on the page play automatically the FIRST time the user lands on the page. It's as if in pre-loading the WAV files, the browser actually plays them as well.
  • Auto-play for the WAV files is set to off.
  • Compression upon publishing is off
  • Files are set to be invisible with no controllers visible.
Trivantis support's recommendation is to go and republish the courses, and to right click on each of the WAV files and choose "Convert to FLV." I would prefer not to go this route, having to open and republish all of these courses.

I've tried the courses on W2K using IE 6 and Vista using IE 8 -- both scenarios work. The issue seems to be with the way my company has configured IE 7. Anyone seen anything like this, or have any recommendations for IE 7 or Lectora settings that might be causing this?