Page height questions

pchi Community Member Posts: 14
I have a couple of questions about how Lectora handles page height, and how that affects other page attributes.

1. Background color:

I need the page background color to be different than the background color of the browser window. When I set the background color in Title Properties, the color applies across the entire browser window. I have seen suggestions on this forum about using a background image to create the page color, and that works to some extent, but it does not work on pages with enough content to make the page scroll vertically.

In other words, when I include the background image using Title Properties, it fills the browser window. When I add it as a graphic, it doesn’t fill the height of the page when the amount of content has expanded the page vertically.

How do you create a page that has a window background color and a page background color, that distinguishes the content area from the rest of the browser window and expands vertically when necessary?

2. Floating elements:

The page footer should stay at the bottom, no matter how long the page is. Lectora seems to want a fixed position for every element. I would normally use CSS to float the footer so it stays at the bottom of the page, but since Lectora has limited CSS support, I don’t know how to do it. I suppose I could create a page in Dreamweaver and import the HTML using HTML object, but that seems convoluted.

Lectora Help suggests using frames to position the footer, but I cannot use frames because of their accessibility issues.

How do you float a footer so that it stays below the rest of the content (without resorting to frames)?

Thank you very much for any help you can offer.