Summing multiple variables in one action

weblady Community Member Posts: 20
I'm creating a 30 question (multiple choice) assessment that will provide feedback to the learner based on their score.

For example:

Your score: 0-6 "You need to do something"

7-12 "You're close but need to XXX more"

13-18 "this feeback"

19-30 "Congrats..etc"

I'm setting an action on the radio buttons that assigns a point value based on their response.

At the end, I need to add up the values of those 30 questions. Upon research, I see that I have to have 30 actions that:

Action: Modify Variable

target: grandTotal

Value: (the point value corresponding to their answer)

Modification type: Add to variable

It would be cleaner, to have one action that:

Action: Modify Variable

target: grandTotal

Value: (q1, q2, g3, q4, and so on up to 20)

Modification type: "Sum Value" or "Total Values" or the like

Much like Excel does a SUM(value1, value2, etc)

If anyone knows of an existing syntax that does this in one action, I'd love to hear about it!