Radio Buttons

shoydis Community Member Posts: 2
I am working on a course that has already been created in Lectora, and am adapting it so that it will be 508 compliant.

The course contains quizzes that operate via radio buttons.

The screen reader reads the radio buttons just fine, however selecting them via the TAB button is a bit of a challenge.

Using IE8, when tabbing through the pages links, it arrives at the cluster of radio buttons, and selects the first one. Then, after pressing Tab again, you'd think that it would move to the next radio button, but instead it skips the rest of the radio buttons and moves to the next link after them in the cycle.

After you've skipped the radio buttons, you can try to go back by using Shift+Tab. Doing this stops at the last radio button, then pressing Shirt+Tab again skips the rest of the radio buttons again, and moves onto the next link in the cycle, rather than the next radio button.

Selecting the radio buttons seems to be another hurdle. Apparently once you've tabbed to the radio button that you want to select, pressing Enter does nothing. If you press the Up Arrow, it will Click the radio button above it and bring you to the designated page. If you press the down arrow, it will click the radio button below the one that you've selected and bring you to that designated page.

Has anyone had any luck implementing these properly, in a 508 compliant way, so that they are accessible through keyboard functions? I'd hate to spend the time re-doing the whole course to use links rather than radio buttons if there is a better way.