Resetting variables for drop-down lists, check-boes, etc

davidm Community Member Posts: 14
I'm having problems resetting variables from Lectora form objects, i.e. entry fields, drop-down lists & check-boxes and was wondering if anyone is encountering similar issues which they found a workaround for.

My e-learning is system-based; it envolved some form-filling, etc and and some pages (yes some, not all) I cannot get the reset variable functions to work. I've tried both the 'Reset all variables' and the individual ''Modify variable...value...Set variable contents' options but they dont seem to work properly on the LMS.

If Learners are going through the course again & come back to these pages, they cant continue without deselecting the value & reselecting it again & can subsequently get stuck!

Can anyone relate to this problem? I'm using Lectora v9.3

I'm thinking there may be some 'rule' with resetting variables. I know already that variables cannot be reset or modified with an 'On Show' action, it must be with an 'On Click' action. Is there another rule i'm unaware of, for example, only one reset or modify variable action per page??

Thx in advance for anyones help, I'm desperate!