Timer limit is not working

geo_ts42 Community Member Posts: 2

We have created a scorm 1.2 test with lectora X pro. There is a pool of 200 questions. Users have a time limit of 30 mimutes to submit their answers. We had created a demo with a timed test and everything worked fine.

Now our problem is that when the time is over the timer stops at 00:00:01 but the user is still able to continue answering questions. The normal functionality would be to have a pop up window indicating whether the user has passed or failed and his corresponding score.We have noticed that after the time has expired a javascript "error on page" triangle appears in the bottom of IE with the message "null is null or not an object". The error refers to titlemgr.html file. Is there an explanation on this. IE version is 6.0 sp1.

Thank you