Tests and Variable confusion?

My company uses an LMS run by Meridian Global. I'm having the worst time trying to get a group of courses to work on it. The courses are set up to be long, randomized tests that a user must get an 85% on to pass (and complete the course).

Here are the problems- the LMS is marking the courses as complete as soon as they are finished, no matter what the score. I don't have a separate complete status at the end, as I was assuming the pass/fail would take care of that. The vendor assumed the same and is looking into that problem. Any other information to add to this would be helpful.

The other issues has to do with the variable types. The LMS doesn't seem to be accepting the Lectora created AICC variables when published to SCORM 1.2 In my experience, these SHOULD work just fine... but I'm getting errors (LMSSetValue). The vendor said to use cmi variables, but the variables available in Lectora only seem to work when published to SCORM 2004. This would be fine, except I'm not getting a score then. I have no idea what's happening and why this isn't working.