Questions about the Publish to CDRom .exe file

sidewinder Community Member Posts: 8
Two questions related to the output from the Publish to CDRom feature:

1) Does the .exe file require a web browser to be installed? From what I can tell, did does not. It appears that the LectoraViewer.exe is nothing more than the functionality of the "Preview Mode" found in the developement environment.

2) Is there any way to remove the .awt file that is output? My fear is the answer is no, but wanted to see if anyone has had success doing this. It appears that the way that this works is:

- LectoraViewer.exe opens the .awt file in the same directory with it (put more than one .awt file in there and it asks you which one to open).

- The .awt file is then opened within the viewer and is not editable from the viewer. Of course, anyone with Lectora (trial or full) can open the .awt file. Is there any way to prevent this?

In an ideal world (if the above is how the LectoraViewer works), the publish would at least change the file extension of the .awt and the Viewer would look for the new extension name.

This is where using an .exe would be useful, but there are things that function in the Publish to CDRom that do not function in an exe (like certain external content). One could publish HTML and place it on CD, but it's a much better presentation to have the content open in a controlled environment (sized window without toolbars, etc).

While I know that HTML is really an open source-type environment, the organization of the .awt file is of some value. By default, if you use Publish to CDRom - you're giving that value away.