Customized Actions

cbarr Community Member Posts: 3
I'm creating a e-learning module that uses a number of different javascript files to add some effects to my module. The module was originally developed using Adobe Dreamweaver and the plan is to take what was created in Dreamweaver and migrate it to Lectora.

Is there a way to include outside javascript files inside of Lectora? if so, how do i attached the proper "action" snytax to the buttons? here's an example of the HTML in Dreamweaver

here's the link

[HTML] Dead Sea[/HTML]

here's what is displayed once the link is clicked


The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea, actually a saltwater lake, at 1,302 feet (397 m) below sea level is the lowest point on the surface of the earth. Located between Israel and Jordan, it is more than six times saltier than the ocean. The Dead Sea is dramatically shrinking; its chief tributary, the Jordan River, is being heavily tapped by neighboring countries. Tourists continue to flock to the shores of the Dead Sea, seeking the water’s mineral-rich curative powers.