Importing Powerpoint Issues

ron Community Member Posts: 94
Hey There,

Trying to import a PPTX into Lectora. This particular one I am doing as a test. It has only 4 slides with embedded audio. I am using the Powerpoint slide tool.

When I use the tool, it asks me which PP I want to open. I select the file and hit Open. Another dialog box opens and asks me which slides I want to import. If I select all 4 slides, it starts the process then I get an error message that says: The Specified Value is out of Range. However, if I select one slide and import it, it imports it. If I then try to import the second slide, I get that out of range error. Also, I’m trying to place the slides within the template that I created but Lectora doesn’t place it there.


1. When it asks for Title Size (in pixels), how do I know what value to enter?

2. Why am I getting the “Specified Value is Out of Range” error?

3. Am I going to have to go into each slide in Lectora and fix the things that are out of place?? (I noticed that it doesn’t seem to import exactly: shapes and text are in different locations – close but not as the original). [Please don't tell me that I am going to have fix each one!! ok, you can tell me, but I'm not going to be very happy.]

4. I am trying to import the slides into the template that I created but it does not seem to place the title within the template. What am I not doing right?