List of Lectora Developers/Contractors

There are often request for Lectora developers here in the Forum. Let's make a directory of available providers. If you offer contract development services in Lectora, please reply to this message and include:

- Your name

- Company name (or put Independent Contractor if not a company)

- Geographic location

- Contact information (if comfortable posting)

- Website (if comfortable posting)

- Up to 3 lines to tell more about your qualifications, offerings, etc. (Please respect this limit so we can provide a succinct listing.)


  • mreeder0725
    mreeder0725 Community Member Posts: 1
    Michelle Reeder

    Envision Learning/Independent Contractor

    Seeing remote employment/freelance opportunities

    Live in San Diego, CA

    I have 6 years of experience using Lectora authoring tool. Other skills and accomplishments include:

    Twelve years of experience in e-learning including instructional design, course development, project management and course facilitation.

    Graduate degree in online instructional design.

    Comprehensive knowledge of learning management systems.

    Ability to take an e-learning course form concept to delivery through the entire development life cycle. Expertise with instructional design and rapid e-learning best practices. Microsoft PowerPoint Certified. Experience with needs analysis, planning, directing, implementing and evaluating courses delivered by technologically based modalities. Extensive experience with instructional design software including Lectora and Articulate.
  • dismissme
    dismissme Community Member Posts: 5 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Blue Screen Learning (Start up company)
    • 15+ years experience in developing DOD and DOE curriculum
    • Conversion of traditional courseware to eLearning
    • eLearning
    • mLearning
    • Design, Development & Implemenation
    • Skilled on various LMS platforms.
    [email protected]

    [email protected]
  • maryword
    maryword Community Member Posts: 5
    - Your name : Heather Poggi-Mannis

    - Company name: MicroAssist, Inc.

    - Geographic location: HQ Austin, TX

    - Contact information (if comfortable posting): [email protected], 512-794-8440 ext. 202

    - Website (if comfortable posting):

    - Custom E-Learning and Training house since 1988. We work with your SMEs and our IDs/developers to create your training. ADA 508/WCAG 2.0 experts. Other capabilities as well.
  • - diane maggipinto

    - d3 voiceworks

    - mountain west (utah)

    - [email protected]


    - i am a pro voice talent based in utah, serving the globe. i specialize in eLearning, and have completed dozens of projects for various clients.
  • mgilbert
    mgilbert Community Member Posts: 33 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Mike Gilbert

    MG Instructional Design and Development

    Beaumont, AB, Canada

    [email protected]

    Please view my website for more

    I provide customized elearning design and development, 15 years Natural Gas Utility Experience SME, LCA v.11

  • suneelverma
    suneelverma Community Member Posts: 3
    - Suneel Verma

    - Independent Contractor

    - London, UK

    - [email protected]

    I am an independent e-Learning Designer/Developer with experience in, and solid knowledge of, the Training and Development field. Solid knowledge and experience in using adult learning theory to diverse and multi-cultural audiences.

    Knowledge of current trends, best practices and new technologies in learning and development.

    Proficient in Adobe Web Suite, Lectora, Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Sketchup, iClone, SoundForge.
  • pdexp
    pdexp Community Member Posts: 4 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Hello All,

    Philip and Wendy Ferrone

    Black Dog Learning LLC

    Near Atlanta, GA

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    We'd like to introduce ourselves as providers of e-learning and multimedia design and development services. We have over 23 years of training, graphic arts and media publishing experience. (Started with Lectora in 2002) Please check our website to view our portfolio and launch some of our example web-based courses and a game or two. --- Thanks! ---
  • setarcos
    setarcos Community Member Posts: 33
    Invendev develops instructional interactive media for a variety of industries at all levels of the marketplace, including some of world’s largest organizations. Our developers boast over 25 years in the eLearning industry, with hundreds of successful projects. We know what it takes to build engaging and effective learning content with a combination of substance and style.


    We'd love to discuss your next project.

    Richard Wendrick

    Media Director and Partner

    Invendev, LLC

  • karlisnovitus-lv
    karlisnovitus-lv Community Member Posts: 1
    - Karlis Sprogis

    - Novitus e-learning solutions

    - Riga, Latvia (European Union)

    - [email protected]



    - We build exceptional e-learning templates in Lectora and other tools, see for examples. We also provide e-learning content development services, and web development services, see for more information and case studies.
  • karen-jensen
    karen-jensen Community Member Posts: 35 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Hi, I am Karen Jensen,

    My company is Interactive Learning Consultants and I am an independent course developer and instructional design expert. I am an expert in ID, Lectora, Powerpoint, Storyline, Captivate and also utilize Photoshop. I am proficient in audio and video courses. I offer audio narration also.

    I have been doing freelance, remote design and development for around 15 years. I am reasonable in rates, flexible and easy to work with. Some of my previous clients include Progressive Insurance, Volvo, BMW, BP, Cummins Engine, GE Oil and Gas, Tucson Electric.

    Call or email me: 330-714-6643 or [email protected] - I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your online learning goals.
  • rgs55
    rgs55 Community Member Posts: 38
    Roz Schwartz
    – KeepItSimpleDesign
    – Ventura County, California (Greater Los Angeles Area)
    [email protected]
    – I am fully licensed in Lectora and Captivate. I am a Lectora expert and can support just about anything Lectora-related, from developing entire courses, templates, smart interactions, along with quality assurance, troubleshooting and problem solving.

    My mission as a WBT designer and developer is to create quality WBT in a way that encourages the learner to focus on the course content through the use of a simple user interface.

    I have over 25 years experience in the eLearning field, 9 years with Lectora and Captivate.
  • wschneider
    wschneider Community Member Posts: 23
    – Windy Schneider
    – Independent Contractor
    – Charleston, SC
    – Contact Info: [email protected]
    – 12 years multimedia development, eLearning design/development, and instructional design experience with a M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology. I also have an eLearning graduate certificate and a certificate in gamification from UPenn/Wharton School. I have extensive experience using Lectora Inspire to deliver training to audiences of 15k plus. I recently delivered a workshop on Taking Compliance Training From Good to Great at LUC2015. Samples available upon request.
  • kberg3344
    kberg3344 Community Member Posts: 1
    Kevin Berg


    Located on Colorado's front-range, I'm an independent contractor with over fifteen years experience in eLearning and course development. I am an expert developer:
    • Lectora
    • Captivate
    • Storyline
    • Articulate
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Video Shooting and Editing
    I can be reached at [email protected], or 720-552-2411. Please consider me for your next project.
  • kkorostoff1836
    kkorostoff1836 Community Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone advise of pricing structure for outsourced Lectora development?  In the interest of production time, I am thinking about finding a contractor to assist our small team. But I am unsure how such services would be priced.  We have SMEs, existing content in PPT and offline exercises/workbooks. Any info appreciated. Thanks!
  • jenny-james
    jenny-james Community Member Posts: 8
    Jenny James
    – Contractor, part-time AT&T
    – Tampa, FL
    [email protected]
    – Online portfolio available upon request
    – 15 years instructional research and analysis, design, and development. 5 years eLearning, currently mLearning (iPad). Lectora - intermediate/advanced. Photoshop - advanced, Captivate - intermediate. Audacity-intermediate. Member - ATD, eLearning Guild.
  • helenreid
    helenreid Community Member Posts: 2
    Helen Reid - Independant Freelance/Contractor
    The Learning Hub
    I'm based in NZ and have clients globally

    I provide engaging, interactive and inspiring learning solutions that are very affordable.  With 20+ years experience in L&D and a degree, I bring a wealth of experience.  I've worked for a range of companies across multiple industries.  I've created product, service, system and compliance/legislative modules that meet the need and achieve goals.  Please contact me to see some samples.


  • helenreid
    helenreid Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi there

    I was just wondering if this question was still outstanding for you?  The costs depend on the work you need doing. In most instances, I would cost out by module.  To do this, I usually have a look at the content along with talking about what you need.  I'd then provide the development price.

    I'm a freelance instructional designer and would be happy to show you some samples as well as provide a no-obligation quote.  Please feel free to contact me.  [email protected] or
  • vthomson9970
    vthomson9970 Community Member Posts: 2
    Valerie Thomson, Johannesburg, South Africa. Contracts at multiple corporates. Process, Manufacturing, IT, Telecommunication. E and M Learning. [email protected]
  • jenny-james
    jenny-james Community Member Posts: 8
    Jenny James

    – Contractor, available for full-time as of Oct 2015
    – Tampa, FL
    – [email protected]
    – Linkedin: Jenny James Tampa
    – Online portfolio available upon request
    – 8 years instructional research and analysis, design, and development. 5 years eLearning, 1 yr mLearning (iPad). Lectora – intermediate/advanced. Photoshop – advanced, Captivate – intermediate. Snag-It, Audacity/iMovie, Dreamweaver. Sales, Sales Management, Telecommunications, Credit Card, Merchant Services. Bank of Bermuda, Concurrent Technologies, First Data, AT&T. ATD, eLearning Guild.
  • afrank7124
    afrank7124 Community Member Posts: 2
    It would be great to be added to the list.

    Al Frank, Ph.D.

    Founded Learning Masters in 1988

    Have used Lectora for the last 4 years.

    My programmer has used Lectora since it was originally launched.

  • afrank7124
    afrank7124 Community Member Posts: 2
    My company is Learning Masters and is located in Minneapolis, MN.  We are celebrating our 28th business anniversary this year.  We have been developing eLearning courses using Lectora for the last 5 years.  We've worked with a variety of clients in a number of industries:  1) Pharmaceutical, 2) Medical Device, 3) Banking, 4) Insurance, and 5) Manufacturing.  We've worked a lot with sales and sales leadership audiences.  We take an agile approach to our eLearning development moving quickly from concept design, to storyboard, to prototype, to ReviewLink testing, and finally to completed eLearning.

    Please contact:  Al Frank, PhD

    [email protected]

  • rkumar6261
    rkumar6261 Community Member Posts: 1
    Cosmic Europe Limited is a leading digital content solutions provider to global educational publishers, institutions and corporates. Our service allow our clients to serve learners of all ages and backgrounds by providing effective, compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats and devices.

    Cosmic has employees drawn from the industry, who are subject and domain experts, guided by a management team that believes in customer experience, we develop solutions and services that are innovative and delivers business value.

    We recognize that high costs can be an important barrier to any e-Learning project. If you are looking to realize significant benefits by outsourcing your requirements, in whole or part, we will be the right partner to work with, with operations centre in India. We offer the benefits and offshore cost arbitrages.

    We provide the following content services:
    1. eLearning course development services
    2. Mobile or mLearning course development services
    3. Translation, Voice over, and localization services to support course development in over 50 languages
    4. Custom software development services to develop certification, assessment, and mobile solutions for training

    Please let us know if you have any new or potential requirements for which we can extend our above services.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


    [email protected]
  • Chris Paxton
    Chris Paxton Community Member Posts: 135 ☆ Superstar ☆
    Chrisanna (Chris) Paxton McMillin

    D3 Training Solutions & Tulsa Community College (adjunct)

    Tulsa, OK with clients worldwide

    I have over 24 years experience (as of 2016) in the training industry. I started in the training field in 1992 and quickly moved into design & development. I formally became a designer/developer in 1998 while in the telecommunications field. In 2004, I earned my MS in Adult Education focusing on Technology & Distance Learning and started using Lectora in 2007.

    I have worked in the fields of Education, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, and Transportation. I am a current member of ATD and the eLearning Guild.

    MOS Certified and proficient in Lectora, Camtasia, Adobe Web Suite, Captivate,  and several LMS’s including Oracle’s PeopleSoft ELM.

    Call or email me: 918-734-5753 or [email protected]
    Chris Paxton McMillin, D3 Training Solutions
    [email protected]
  • barryobrien
    barryobrien Community Member Posts: 25

    I saw you posting in the community section as an available freelancer for e-leaning projects.

    We have a client who has asked us to produce a series  of up to 20 segments of an e-learning course. The client has expertise in developing e-learning courses but asked us to manage production. So, now we need a hands-on developer to make this happen.

    If you are interested, will you please contact me today? We are in the Boston area.

    Thank you for your time,


    Barry O'Brien

    [email protected]

    (617) 967-1227
  • barryobrien
    barryobrien Community Member Posts: 25

    I saw your posting in the community section as an available freelancer for e-leaning projects.

    We have a client who has asked us to produce a series  of up to 20 segments of an e-learning course. The client has expertise in developing e-learning courses but asked us to manage production. So, now we need a hands-on developer to make this happen.

    If you are interested, will you please contact me today? We are in the Boston area.

    Thank you for your time,


    Barry O'Brien

    [email protected]

    (617) 967-1227