API Error When Hosting Externally

padreisla Community Member Posts: 5
We are creating internal Lectora courses and hosting them on an external site. The courses are published in SCORM, they were working fine on the host staging site then when moved over to their production site we started getting API errors but not for all of the testers. The files sizes and properties have been verified between the staging and production servers. We also noticed that our existing course that has been on the production server started getting intermittent API issues as well. The hosting company has not done any upgrades to their system. The API error first started to appear after a prompt to accept pop-ups for the hosting company. We have turned off pop-ups and tested it on both internal & external machines using a variety of machines/operating systems along with different browsers and the problem in intermittent. We have also tested it with "Show friendly HTTP error message" turned both on and off and no difference. We have added and removed the URL for the hosting company from the allowed sites and tested it and no difference. Last night I tried it on an external machine running XP and IE8 and had no problem. Today I completed the original course and was able to complete it with no issues running Vista and IE8. Has anyone had anything similar to this before?