Question on Creating Scripts

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Does Lectora have some sort of public API (perl module, java class library, .NET API, etc) that can be used by a programmer to create a script or something similar to automate the process below? Is there anything that Lectora does have that would allow someone to do this? [Not being a programmer, I’m not sure what questions to ask, so anything that you can tell me that I can relay to a programmer would be helpful. The mention of the public API was asked by a programmer.]

The process we use to convert recorded webinars into Lectora isn’t difficult but time consuming. What I am looking to do is to have some utility/program, etc that I can run to do the following:

1. Go into a folder (on my desktop or off the network)

2. Grab files that have specific, consistent naming conventions and pair them (for example, go into the DATA folder, find slide1.swf and a23x1.mp3, pair them; then find slide2.swf and a23x2.mp3 and pair them, etc.)

3. I then want it to be able to create individual pages for each of the above pairs within Lectora.

4. Then place each swf/mp3 pair on a separate page (ex: slide1.swf and a23x1.mp3 on page 1; slide2.swf and a23x2.mp3 on page 2 etc.)

5. If there already exists a file with that name, it replaces it with the new one.

6. Then have it open each of these files individually within Lectora and set the parameters that would be identical for each file type (ex. all the mp3s would have the same parameters as each other and all the swfs would have the same parameters as each other.

The files that I create are different in the number of pairs that are required (some files have 20 swf/mp3 pairs, others may have 60 etc.) but they all have the same naming convention. I would want this ‘program’ to automatically find all the pairs and create the proper number of pages in Lectora. I would assume that the hardest part would be to bring things into Lectora’s environment and manipulate things.

I’ve spoken to several programmers here at work. While they can probably script something for me on the non-Lectora side (which may save a little bit of time), none of them know anything about Lectora.