bookmarking function interfering with course loading

tcarr Community Member Posts: 8

 The bookmarking function is from Lectora - the course does load, but you see a skeleton of the menu page without skin on rose-tan backround and text from the page displayed, so it looks bad?  We are uisng elogic learning which is Rustici scorm engine.  It is an appearance complication but the bookmarking is halting the funtionality of laoding the graphics etc... and it looks weird to users

tcarr said:We have added the bookmarking functionality in our course. When we launch the course from the LMS for the second time, the course window opens. However, before it can load completely, where we can see the course elements in that window, the bookmarking message appears, asking us if we want to start where we left off from previously. When this bookmarking message is on screen, the course window behind doesn’t load completely. We can see some text and no images. Can we control this in Lectora? Is there any setting that we can change or modify to allow the window to load behind the active dialog box i.e., the bookmarking message?