Having Problem with 'On Done' Action

ron Community Member Posts: 94

Hi Dwayne and Ben,

Sent file to Lectora support and it worked fine with them. After talking to support, I redid the actions on my native file and now it works within Lectora (have no idea why).

In the Debug screen, the actions do fire (didn't try it on the original problem title). However, when I Preview in Browswer or upload to the LMS, the actions DO NOT work...so I'm stuck again. I'm using latest version of Lectora X (vx.1), opening with IE 7.0. The audio files are mp3 (had same problem when I converted them to FLV).

Dwayne, the Audioeditor doesn't seem to support mp3 files (that was the error message I received) and there are too many mp3s to convert (and I don't use compression) so I have kept the mp3s (which should be supported).