Having Problem with 'On Done' Action

ron Community Member Posts: 94

Hello Everyone!

I’ve created a title, took the source files from a recorded webinar (they are Presenter files and come to me as swfs and mp3s), created a number of pages in the title, and imported each Presenter pair on to each page (i.e. audio1.mp3 and slide1.swf onto page 1; audio2.mp3 and slide2.swf onto page 2, etc.) What I want to do is to have one page transition to the next automatically in a certain point within the title (it's a demo and I don't want the user to have to click the Forward button but I do want to keep the Forward button active and available).

I created an action on each mp3 that said On Done Playing Go To Next Page. This worked on one of the titles I created. Now, I have another title, created the same exact way and I want to get the same result of auto transition from one page to the next. I added an On Done Playing Go To Next Page action to the mp3 file but it does NOT go to the next page. I also tried attaching it to the swf, and tried it at the page level (each page has an mp3 and swf file associated with it). I've tried converting the mp3 to FLV and adding the action but no change.

The source files are created the same way the files on my original title were created so they should work the same. I published to HTML and even SCORMed it and tried from the LMS just to check if it would transition but nothing. I checked the Condition and Else statements in the dialog box on the Action but those are blank. Any idea why it's not working on this file but does on the other? Any solution?