javascript title manager

cerah Community Member Posts: 5
I have published a SCORM course using Lectora 9 and uploaded to my IBM LMS system with continued issues of the course not opening correctly on a variety of machines throughout the company. When I encounter a course that is not working properly - the menu and navigation is not visible, a lot of graphic items do not appear, the course essentially does not function. It is my understanding that the javascript title manager option setting is default (and I do have it selected on my course) - and this should assist with the issue of people have different versions of java installed on their machines. Does the javascript 'replace' the need for java? Can you have java totally uninstalled and the course should still work? Regardless of what version of java might actually be installed, a course should still work. Is this correct? Because I continue to have these issues, I am not sure if this is working for me? Please help me understand how this works. If I could get this to work - I would be in heaven ;) Thanks Cerah