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Greg - To make sure I understand this correctly. I can uninstall java from my machine, publish using the default setting 'Use JavaScript Title Manager'. This will force Lecotora to use the built in version of java, typically a lower version that is compatable with 'most' users. Otherwise Lectora will look at the version installed on my machine and use that version.

If you check "Use Javascript Title Manager" it won't use JAVA, if you don't check it it will use JAVA.  

Do we know what version of java Lectora X is using? and where would we look to find out?

I don't know.... Larry the Lounge Lizard where are you!!!! :P

Also, I should be able to then launch the course with absolutly no java installed on my machine, yes?

If you are using the Javascript Titlemanager it will run, if you dont have java and use the default titlemanager, it won't run.

Does this option have anything to do with Adobe Flash Player? Plug-in free?

Nothing to do with flash.

I don't see an option for JAVA title manager - there are two options? or did you mean to write javascript title manager?

If you don't use the Javascript Titlemanager it is automatically JAVA