javascript title manager

cerah Community Member Posts: 5

Yes, the Javascript TitleManager replaces the JAVA version.  So if you are having issues with the JAVA version, republishing with the Javascript one may fix it.  It is recommended to use the Javascript version.

Note though, from my experience, some LMS's are very finicky with Javascript or JAVA versions and may require one or the other to function properly.

Yes you can have JAVA totally uninstalled and the course will work fine with the Javascript version.  

Note if you are also having problems and have to use the JAVA titlemanager, try this trick.  
Uninstall JAVA from your machine. Reboot the computer. Open the title again in Lectora, publish using the JAVA title manager (by making sure "use Javascript title manager" is unchecked).  

This trick saved us a nightmare headache when working a particular finicky LMS's. When you publish to JAVA and you have JAVA installed on your machine, it exports it with that version, and most developers have the most up to date versions, where most normal users don't.  

So when I was publishing a course, it would be 6 v18, yet most users were running 10-12, which were incompatible. But when you publish without JAVA installed, it reverts to the version packaged with Lectora, which is an older version and more compatible.  Worked like a charm.  Stupid yes, but worked like a charm.