Bullet images don't always display (Lectora X)

jayhawk Community Member Posts: 56

Have posted sample file for review. I have not been able to recreate the issue on my own PC, but colleagues report dropped images. Seems to be the case whether the bullets are embedded within a table (my preference for development) or as standalone images beside or overlaid on text boxes.

jayhawk said:We use tables to display unordered lists so we can use custom bullet images. After publish to LMS, we have had some viewers report that not all bullets appear, but it is an intermittent problem. All show most of the time, but occasionally they don't. I've reviewed the course in our LMS (ElementK) and have had no issues; all pages display as expected. I tried to render the tables as images to address, but receive an error because of the embedded objects (bullets). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?