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i am having the same problem. I am creating a test. If the user fails the test I would like them to take it again. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to reset the questions so that they are blank (unchecked) when they begin the test again. i listened to ben's feedback but still am unclear exactly what to do or what he meant. can you break it down for someone who is VERY new to lectora!

WKiernan said:Learners need to find 5 values on a list based on criteria they learned about in previous chapters. The Grand Total s/b 6. They are started off with one selection made and the count set @ 1. To encourage learners to make thoughtful selections (instead of just clicking all the options until the 5 are found), I added an Incorrect Count box. The page is currently set up with actions happening when users hit "Next". If the incorrect count is more than 3, I managed to get the counts to reset, but the check boxes do not reset. They remain selected. Ideally this is what I would like to have happen: Once the incorrect count reaches 4, I'd like to "show" a text box with this message: "More than 3 incorrect selections made. Click here (meaning the message box) to reset the page and try again." I tried linking actions with conditions to the ICSWorongScoreKeeper text box but I can't get the message to appear nor to get the check boxes to reset. (This part is not currently on the page.) I posted "Selecting Themes" zip file with the relevant page. Thanks.

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