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Hi Again! : )

I have a branded Lectora template that we are using. I want to use it for the project that I am working on. Let me tell you what I’m trying to do by giving you an example from MS WORD. I want to open a document, put in text and save it under one name. Then, I want to open that same doc, change the text, do a Save As and give it a new name.

Essentially, I created a title (one page), added a video and added a text box header to the page with the name of the video and published it. I now want to take that same format, change out the video, change the name of the video and save it under a different file name (I have about 40 of these to do). I tried to do this in Lectora but it doesn’t seem to work. The Save As and Save Copy don’t seem to do what I want (like the WORD example).

What’s the best way to do this?

Also, when it creates the file name for the .awt (and .zip file), where does it pull that name from? The file I created had a completely different name than the name I thought I gave it.

Thanks, Ron

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