Problems Submitting Quiz in Firefox?

eliz Community Member Posts: 1
Has anyone had problems with submitting quizzes in Firefox> We have several courses posted to our LMS (Mindflash) and have several reports of users unable to submit their quiz if they are using Firefox. We have the test results window display after the user finishes the quiz --which reports right and wrong answers---not sure if this is the problem or if the Quiz Scoring function simply does not work in Firefox.


Users are able to get through the quiz, and on the last question (where we have a button to Submit Quiz, which is tied to the Action to Score the Quiz), simply does not work. The pop-up window does not display, and the user is stuck on the page. It seems to be working correctly for our IE users.

Anyone have a workaround for this?



PS-- We have Lectora 9.3 installed
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