Setting Actions for Mouse Rollover and State Change

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 Ron -


Have you tried to just add the image files to the states in the button properties? That may be what you are trying to do without having to add actions.



Ron said:

Situation: Have three 'Exit' buttons created. First state is Up, next is RollOver, and finally Down.

Up is the normal position and is white.

RollOver is when you mouse over the button and it is orange. Down is when you click the button, it's orange and has a debossed look.

What I want: The Up button (white) should display normally. When I mouse over it, it should turn orange - when I move the mouse away, it should turn back to the Up state (white). When I click on it, it should be orange and debossed and exit the course (with a single click).

What's happening: The Up state is ok. When I mouse over it it turns orange. However, when I move the mouse away, it stays orange (should turn white). When I click, I get the orange debossed but I have to click twice to get it to close.

Here are the actions I created:

For UP:

OnMouseEnter Toggle Visibility State to RollOver

OnMouseExit Toggle Visibility State to UP

For RollOver:

OnMouseClick Toggle Visibility State to Down

For Down:

OnMouseClick Exit Title/Close Window.

I've tried several other combos like including the OnMouse Exit under the RollOver button, etc.

Am I missing something here?


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