Quizzes adding to over 100% in LMS for Completion

tarab Community Member Posts: 64

What you are looking for may need to be addressed in the Max and Min score section of the title. SCORM content will always have a score value set between 0 and 100 regardless of the number of tests you have in the title. AICC handles this differently. AICC uses a Max and Min score and will simply add the scores of all the tests together and that is the value that is passed to the LMS. Most LMS' will use the Max score and the actual score total to determine the overall test score. Therefore, if you had 4 tests in the course, the Max score should be 400. Then, if you get 100 on each of the tests, that would be a score of 400 overall. The value 400 would already be in the LMS from the import for the Max score and the value of 400 would be passed from the course to the LMS as the actual score so the LMS could do the calculation of the overall score which would be 100%. If your LMS does not handle the Max score and actual score values, you could try going into the AU properties in Lectora and set the Max score to 100 and see if that gives you the result you are looking for. You will need to make sure you have all the tests set to be included in the overall score to ensure they are included in the overall calculation. Hopefully, this will address your issue.



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