Quizzes adding to over 100% in LMS for Completion

tarab Community Member Posts: 64

 That is what I thought it should do but it isn't working that way. It is sending it to the LMS and in the transcipt it is totally more than 100%. So if I get them all correct, my transcript says 400%. That is why I am not sure what the course is doing. I have unchecked the " Include Test score in total test score" in the Results tab of each Quiz and I am still getting the 400%.




tarab said:

Hello all- I have a course that has 4 different quizzes in it. I want to have the total of all 4 quizzes report a % to the LMS that does not exceed 100%. Right now I am getting up to 400% since all of the quizzes are being added together. Does anyone know how to have each quiz score separately in the course (so they need to get an individual score on each one) but then report the average of all of them to stay within the normal 100% scale for the reporting?

I am using AICC to publish this course into the LMS and it is Lectora X.

Thanks! Tara

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