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 We insert a chapter after the Test, and name it Results. We place a Pass page and a Fail page in that chapter. In the Test properties, on the Completed /Pass tab, set the action to go page 'pass' or whatever you name it, then set the action on the Cancelled/ Fail tab to go to page 'fail.'

Alternatively, you can put just one page in the Results chapter, and name it Student Results. Create non-visible text boxes on the page with information for the student.Add actions on the page to show the appropriate text box depending on if the test was passed or not passed, set in Conditions. In Test properties, set the actions on both the Completed/Pass tab and the Cancelled/Fail tab to go to the Student Results page.

Does that help?


nearora said:

I am creating a course in Lectora. After taking the test, I can only view the pass page. I am probably missing a step in the middle. Any thoughts?