Lectora X Crashing When Going to Media Library

jkunrein Community Member Posts: 36

My experiance with the media library being slow issue is:

If I click the media library resource button or add a new image/animation and when inserting choose the media library - it takes about one minute plus to open the media library dialog box.

Once it opens response time working within the organizer is fine.

This has only happened for me since upgrading to X - I have the X.1 update installed (to fix a print issue).  Changing the location doesn't seem to help.

Is it possible that with X they allowed for online media imports and when I open the media library - in behind the scenes - lectora is checking the internet for media that is online.  I work in a network environment and have firewall issues when downloading from the ftp site and asking any software to upgrade.  So is the delay for the dialog box to open because it's trying to get to the internet - but because of my system setup this causes a delay (since it won't actually be able to check for online media).

Sounds like a support issue right?