Lectora X Crashing When Going to Media Library

jkunrein Community Member Posts: 36

 I had something similiar happen when just trying to click on some of the clip art in the library, only Lectora would close out all on its own when I clicked on them. Other than that, no other issues with it thus far. Since I have a lot of other clip art to work with; I haven't reported it as a problem becuase it hasn't kept me from doing any of my work.

jkunrein said:Hi all! My company has just upgraded to Lectora X, and I've been checking out the new stuff. Problem is, whenever I try to go to the Media Library, Lectora becomes unresponsive and I have to force the program to quit. This happens regardless of whether I go to Tools > Media Library Organizer or add an image then choose Import > Media Library... And unfortunately, Trivantis tech support is closed until Monday. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any ideas? Thanks! Judy