Lectora X Crashing When Going to Media Library

jkunrein Community Member Posts: 36


I had a similar issue. The cause of my problem was that I had moved my media library to another location on my computer, and then updated Lectora to look for it in that location. I then patched Lectora, at which point it reset Lectora to look for the media library in the default location. When it couldn't find the media library in the default location, it would freeze and crash. When I updated Lectora to look for the Media Library in my location, everything worked fine again.


jkunrein said:Hi all! My company has just upgraded to Lectora X, and I've been checking out the new stuff. Problem is, whenever I try to go to the Media Library, Lectora becomes unresponsive and I have to force the program to quit. This happens regardless of whether I go to Tools > Media Library Organizer or add an image then choose Import > Media Library... And unfortunately, Trivantis tech support is closed until Monday. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any ideas? Thanks! Judy