Lectora Crashing after Publishing to Scorm

msperfection Community Member Posts: 3
Hello out there...I'm new to the site, so my apologies if I'm posting this question in the wrong area.

I've been experiencing Lectora crashing, closing out abruptly, shutting down without warning or whatever you want to call it since February of 2008. I've reported it to those that are supposed to assist with this issue to no avail, so I'm turhing to anyone that may have a clue to assist me.

Presently, I'm using version 9.3.1. The thing is, when I use the program extensively...publish to Scorm. The program only allows me to publish so many before it crashes or what have you. This is the latest:

I installed Lectora version 9.3.1 on November 23rd. I used it sporadically for the next few days. My usage was limited the week of November 30th.I worked in Lectora was the week of December 7th, but not as extensively as I normally would due to some other projects. I didn’t use the program at all the week of December 14th. I was out of the office the week of December 21st and did not return to work until the morning of December 28th around 5:45am. I began using the program to validate some modules. I opened each module, reviewed the content then published the module. I did that process on 15 modules…upon attempting to open the 16th module, I was unable to. I may have published a few of the modules twice, as I found an error after the initial publishing.

The temporary fix was to uninstall the program and reinstall it. That worked and I'm not able to use the program, but it will crash again, as it always does.

Has anyone experienced this or anything similar and found a remedy.