Lectora X Download Date? Upgrade or Separate DL / Install?

whorah Community Member Posts: 151

 Not sure if I am supposed to post here... but got email and link from my rep. Separate download, installed easily. Gives you a new serial number (feels weird - had my old one for 4 years and sort of got attached to it!).

Love the changes... love the dockable panes, and by far love the instantly viewalbe properties of any item selected in the tree. I mentioned that improvement earlier this year at LUC to the panel and had a great response. I am glad it was incorporated... I enjoy using Lectora now more than ever. Great changes.

Thanks again to the developers!


whorah said:Just curious... Larry the Loung Lizard posted that the download would be available on 12/15. However, I clicked update on my version and it told me it was up to date. Is X a separate install or upgrade / download from the current verions of Lectora, currently I am at 9.3. Thanks