Adding multiple quizzes together to produce a total score

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No it does not make sense but I will try to give some help here. Each test has a total score variable associated with it. This name is the name of the test in the Left pane followed by _Score. If you name your test Test 1 then the variable for that test score is Test_1_Score. This variable is set when one of two things happens - either a) the learner reaches a page where a Submit/Process Test/Survey action is run (either an On Show action or on a button) or b) at the end of a randomized test. (You can turn on randomization in the test properties.)

You can display the scores easily by either running in Debug mode or by turning on Debug when you publish.

Scores are a %. If you add 4 scores together you could end up with a number between 0 and 400. If I wanted to average these scores together I would and I were going to publish to AICC then all the work is done for you as the average score is AICC_Score. If not AICC, then you would need something like these On Show actions:

Action: Modify Variable; Target: _temp; Value: Var(Test_1_Score); Type: Set
Action: Modify Variable; Target: _temp; Value: Var(Test_2_Score); Type: Add
Action: Modify Variable; Target: _temp; Value: Var(Test_3_Score); Type: Add
Action: Modify Variable; Target: _temp; Value: Var(Test_4_Score); Type: Add
Action: Modify Variable; Target: _temp; Value: 4; Type: Divide
Action: Change Contents; Target: text block; Value: Var(_temp)

Be sure to have Grade the test checked on the Results tab of the test properties. During testing you might also want to check Show test results to student after end of test.

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