Help with Randomizing Test Questions

omacron77 Community Member Posts: 52

 Ben, maybe something crazy is taking place because I just downloaded the zip file, extracted it and open it up in lectora with no problem. OK, I found a total of 3 test were uploaded with the same name. I did upload the file mutiple times because I did not see it under the file section. I have deleted 2 leaving 1 left that should be available. Please try again to download it.

omacron77 said:

I have about 200 test to configure so the questions are randomize. I have configured 3 to date, all 3 seem to work OK with the exception of one problem. The LMS we are using (Pathlore) will indicate only an "Enrolled status" once the test has been completed, If you score a "100" it should indicate a "Finished" but it does not. I have posted a copy of the AWT file for review in the files section, look same user name. Any help would be greatful.