Creating Design Elements for Template: How big?

ron Community Member Posts: 94

 Our two standard Lectora template aspect ratios are:


We don't currently have any clients with an audience that still uses 800x600 monitors, so either of these work (for us). Ben's reference to student monitor size is an important consideration.

As flat screens become more prevalent, we are considering a "wider" aspect ratio, but for now the above are our standards.


Ron said:

Morning everyone!

I am having our Design team create a company-branded template for my group. This way, everything that is produced by my group has the same look and feel. They asked what the dimensions were for various elements that they would create. Does the Lectora canvas have a certain size that should be used? For example, if they wanted to create a box that was to be situated at the top of the page and go from the left to the right (all the way across the page), what dimensions would they use to create that? (Same as if they wanted to go from top to bottom)?