Creating Design Elements for Template: How big?

ron Community Member Posts: 94

Well, that depends on the page size you set in the title properties - the properties of the topmost item in the left pane on the Background tab. I would recommend that you set your items so that they fit in there. I my background image will cover much of the page, I create one background image use it there. If it is just a top bar, then I might put it at the title level so it is inherited by all the pages.

The page size you specify depends on your audience's computers and if you are going to be using an LMS. Using an LMS will allow you to suppress much of the browser chrome such as the tool bars, address bar, scroll bars which gives you more space for your course window. Here are some suggestions.

785 x 580 for a target audience with 800 x 600 screens and an LMS. Smaller if you are not using an LMS.
900 x 700 for a target audience with 1024 x 764 screens. Smaller if you are not using an LMS.

Hopefully others will contribute their sizes here too.