Need help with video

janniert Community Member Posts: 21

If you have the ability to convert to FLV outside of Lectora, you may get more control re: compression of audio as well as video (and further reduce file size). But that requires separate software.

Diane's "warning" re: how to set compression when publishing is dead-on - the instructions are somewhat counter-intuitive. Also, beware of image compression. We usually import GIFs for a reason and do not want them converted to JPGs (e.g., screen captures with a lot of text). About the only thing we compress is audio if MP3s are the source files.


janniert said:I'm creating a learning module on critically ill bariatric patients and have a video which was in mov. format which I converted to avi. It is still too big too put in my Lectora module. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to compress it to make it work? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks Jan