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Best way to import Excel graphs?

roxannee Community Member Posts: 21

We have several clients still on IE 6.0, so we tend to avoid importing PNGs directly into Lectora (great for Flash, though). If you are capturing from Excel, GIFs may provide enough colors and still allow transparency (if needed). We avoid JPGs for this kind of screen capture.

Uncertain how you are displaying the information, but a potential alternative is to use the Launch A Program/Document action to "import" the Excel document on a separate page (in separate chapter from course navigation flow). Have a link/clickable object on that page to go to that page but display it in a separate window. You can keep scroll bars and resize window as checked items to view the actual Excel document. Make certain this document is included when published.

RoxanneE said:I have a number of charts and graphs from Excel programs that I would like to import into Lectora, but I have problems with image quality, even with screen captures using Snag It. Any suggestions on how to improve the images? Thanks, and happy holidays!

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