Setting Default Screen Size

ron Community Member Posts: 94

 Hi Dave,

So let me ask this: what is the relationship between resolution and course 'size' (i.e. how it is displayed on the screen)? I see the effect that changing the resolution has as mentioned above in my original post but how does that affect the way size is displayed (or does it, because the size didn't change when I changed the resolution)? If I set it for the resolution you suggest, how can I have the course look (be) bigger on the screen?

Peter mentioned to make sure that it was 'centered'. I did this when I changed the resolution and it still went to the left corner. Now I am wondering if there are multiple places this has to be set? When I was experimenting with the resolution, I just went to the left hand navigation area, clicked on the title properties and changed the resolution there. I don't believe that I republished it. Does that make a difference if I am just trying to see the effects?