Setting Default Screen Size

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Hello All,

Merry Christmas!

Deciding on what to set my default screen size to when creating a course. I want the displayed course to take up as much of the screen as possible without requiring scrolling (either horizontal or vertical). I would say that the majority of learners will be using laptops, so that would be my reference (although there will be a number using desktops with bigger screens - so I'm trying to find a happy medium).

I read some of the threads and tried different sizes. What I noticed was that when I changed the size from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768 (or higher), the screen size changed but the actual course size displayed on the screen stayed the same. For example, at 800 x 600, there is no white space around the course and the course is centered. However, as I increase the resolution, the white rectangle gets bigger, the course display stays the same size and it is now justified to the top, left corner.

Any suggestions?